Best video downloaders for Windows

Best video downloaders for Windows

There are various effective free video downloader for pc Windows 11 computers available to you, such as YouTube By Click which works with multiple video sites and supports high-resolution videos.

This software comes equipped with a screen recorder and provides various conversion options, as well as being capable of downloading both 4K and 8K videos.

what is video downloader

Video downloaders are applications designed to let you easily capture videos from sites like YouTube, Dailymotion and TikTok and save them to your computer or mobile device. Most programs offer simple usage options and file format customization tools; others even extract audio tracks directly from a video and save it separately as individual files.

Start downloading video by pasting its link into a program, selecting its resolution and subtitling preferences, as well as where you would like to save it on your computer or phone. Some programs even have options to automatically rename downloaded videos with its title – saving both time and effort!

Some of the best video downloaders are ad-supported, meaning that they display advertisements while you use the software. This type of adware software can lead to system infections, privacy breaches and financial losses on devices where it resides; some forms even collect browsing histories, personally identifiable data like usernames/passwords/credit card details etc. And sell this to third-party monetizers for profit making or identity theft purposes. Furthermore, other forms use cameras to spy on users leading to invasion of privacy or even identity theft!

Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is an innovative software application with powerful capabilities, capable of increasing download speeds up to five times, resume and schedule downloads, resume uploads automatically and provide various other functions designed to make web browsing more efficient and faster. IDM allows you to easily copy-paste files into your browser for automatic downloading or simply click a download link to begin the process; additionally it features an intuitive dashboard providing information on all current downloads as well as completed ones.


What sets IDM apart from similar programs is its dynamic file segmentation technology, which divides large files into multiple segments for simultaneous downloads. This greatly increases download speed compared to what you could achieve using traditional browsers alone. Also helpful is IDM’s comprehensive error recovery and resume feature which will restart unfinished downloads after connection loss, computer shutdown or power outages occur – such as resume capabilities that restart unfinished downloads after an unexpected power outage occurs.

IDM not only speeds up downloads but can also capture streaming audio and video content you are watching on screen. A small icon will appear when IDM detects streaming items; once detected you can choose whether you wish to download immediately or schedule later downloads if preferred.

Additional important features include multilingual support, zip previewing, HTML help and tutorials, scheduler pro with sounds on various events, virus protection, progressive download with quotas for FAP/QoS connections, pause/resume downloads as well as built-in download accelerator. IDM is available on both PCs as well as web browsers so files can be immediately downloaded when selected from web applications like your web browser.

Free Download Manager (FDM)

Free Download Manager (FDM) is an intuitive download accelerator, offering users the power to prioritize, schedule, organize, and control downloading of files. It helps manage traffic usage as well as resume broken downloads if necessary – perfect for use either within browsers or as standalone applications.


Contrary to most browser-integrated downloaders which typically offer slow speeds, this application offers significant speed enhancement by splitting downloads into chunks and using different servers for each piece. Its simple yet modern (albeit slightly dark) user interface is user-friendly while its capabilities also include supporting torrent file use, video conversion and the option for audio file formats after they have downloaded successfully.

Functionality is enhanced further with an advanced scheduling capability that allows users to set multiple download queues for later work. Once set, each queue can start running at its appointed time – and can even be configured to perform other actions (launch other programs, establish or break connection etc) once completed. In addition, automatic categorization by extension and virus scanning after completion are also features of this software.

FDM was initially proprietary software but has since been made open source. While some virus scanners did identify it as potentially unwanted, none provided false positives and was found safe when tested against other antivirus solutions.

Freemake Video Downloader

Freemake Video Downloader is a freeware program designed to download and convert online videos from numerous websites. Boasting an impressive variety of popular formats with its one-click mode, over 93 million people worldwide consider Freemake the premier YouTube downloader – as well as Vimeo Dailymotion Vevo and 10000+ others!


This program allows users to download videos and audio from the Web directly, including popular sites, as well as entire playlists. Just copy-paste links into the address bar to initiate downloading; for added convenience it provides an attractive interface which lets users choose quality, format, file location etc for each download they make.

It provides support for full HD and 4K videos as well as multiple other platforms, and allows for simultaneous recording. Furthermore, you can select multiple output folders as well as use proxy connections when downloading clips – even adult icons can be disabled with this program!

The program is available both in Russian and English and features numerous useful utilities such as an integrated player, search functions and a history of downloaded videos. Furthermore, you can set automatic conversion of incoming files into formats of your choosing.


VDownloader is an award-winning Windows software program that is used for downloading videos from YouTube and other video-sharing websites, then converts them to formats compatible with most modern devices for playback.


VDownloader can save the videos you want with just one click onto your hard disk in HD quality – up to 8K video and 320 Kb / sec audio! Plus, its integrated search engine lets you quickly locate clips based on keyword searches; additionally it automates and schedules downloads/conversions/password protects videos while unlocking video websites using its built-in proxy proxy server!

The software can easily download playlists and channels from all major video-sharing websites, extract audio from videos into MP3 format, select specific segments for download and extract them to an MP3. Plus it comes equipped with its own media player so you can easily transfer downloaded video onto portable devices like an iPod!

Making copies of online videos and keeping them on your hard drive for offline viewing can also make them more enjoyable without ads or captions, and ensures you always have one copy in case the original gets deleted from YouTube.

4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is an intuitive application designed to quickly and effortlessly download high-quality videos from the Internet. Simply paste in a link of a desired video, choose its quality and format preferences and hit ‘Download’!

4K Video Downloader

This program is compatible with most popular video websites, including YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram, Naver TV DailyMotion Twitch Bilibili. Furthermore, this app enables you to download audio files directly from these platforms; additionally it is also capable of downloading subtitles and annotations.

Create folders in the program interface to organize downloaded videos and audios easily, extract audio from video for MP3 file extraction, optimize mobile use and support multiple browsers with this tool.

As well as that, this software offers another very handy feature: its ability to download private YouTube content is particularly handy in an age where we rely so heavily on streaming and downloading media through the Internet.

One of the greatest aspects of this app is its ease of setup and use. All it takes to get going is finding an appropriate 4k video downloader license key online and including it during installation; then you’re set up to download any type of high-quality video from any source!

VSO Downloader

VSO Downloader is a program specifically created to facilitate downloading multimedia files from the internet. This handy tool monitors your browser, keeping track of any multimedia content being played, in order to download it to your hard disk. It includes an integrated ad blocker, supports download resume and works with both HTTP and HTTPS protocols – in addition, this program can also be customized so that downloaded files conform to certain policies, record streaming audio tracks or detect ads so that only their video itself will be downloaded!

VSO Downloader

An intuitive interface conceals an impressive range of advanced options, including conversion of downloaded videos to MP3, file renaming according to specific criteria, skip advertising videos or limit concurrent thread usage per download. Furthermore, this app can be set to automatically retry downloaded files that have failed or to record and download online radio streams with support for various advanced protocols like RTMP.

Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus is one of the world’s premier download managers, boasting an attractive integrated browser interface compatible with both Firefox and Internet Explorer. Once you click a downloadable link in either browser, Download Accelerator Plus immediately takes over and begins downloading it for you – in an attractive Download area which also acts as mini-browser; plus you can configure settings related to post-download behavior, scheduled downloads, proxy server specifications etc.

Download Accelerator Plus

The program’s strong point is its dynamic acceleration engine, which seeks out faster mirror sites for popular files and performs simultaneous downloads from them – bypassing server throttles on file fetching and increasing download speeds by up to twice their original rate; also supporting resumed interrupted downloads (although a fee-based AlwaysResume service must first be purchased).

An additional strong feature is DAP’s support for RapidShare Premium accounts, enabling users to take full advantage of all available bandwidth on the site. DAP can intelligently adapt its download speed according to your connection type; additionally it has the capacity to divide large files into manageable chunks for easier download performance; additionally it features an inbuilt video converter.

DAP offers an impressive set of features and is easy to use, yet one of the more costly download managers on the market; additionally, its adware gathers personal information. However, for casual downloaders with high-speed connections DAP may not make much difference to download speeds but its scheduling and recovery features could certainly prove worthwhile.

IDA Internet Download Accelerator

IDA Internet Download Accelerator (IDA IDA) is an intuitive program designed to expedite file downloads over the internet, effectively solving three of its biggest hurdles – speed, resuming broken downloads and managing downloaded files – through simple desktop use.


Instead of just downloading content using web browsers, this application offers advanced features such as file categorization and mirror sites to easily manage downloads and boost speeds up to 500%. Plus it integrates seamlessly into popular browsers like Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera & Yandex! Finally it also features clipboard detection enabling prompting users to download them!

This program works by dynamically splitting downloaded files into sections and downloading them simultaneously – this should ensure a faster download experience. In addition to that, it features support for HTTP and FTP proxy servers, playing audio or video while downloading it, as well as many list export/import options for greater flexibility.

Another handy feature is being able to schedule and resume downloads, making this app particularly handy when working on projects with limited data plans or when you simply have limited download bandwidth. Furthermore, this tool supports password-protected sites as it features a site manager to store login details; and lets you keep a complete history of downloaded files which you can delete at will; in addition, there’s even the option of controlling download speeds so as to not slow down Internet connectivity or interfere with other downloads.

Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter is an audio and video conversion tool capable of handling over 200 audio and video formats as input, including 4K UHD formats as output. With an easy user interface and pre-defined device profiles optimized to deliver optimal quality for various devices, users can take advantage of Any Video Converter’s versatile capabilities to achieve their desired quality for their particular device. It can also rip DVDs and convert videos to various disc formats.

Any Video Converter

The program also boasts other useful features not typically associated with video converters. These include merging multiple files into one, choosing a new name for it and adding images or text watermarks to converted video, setting process priority and specifying thread count during encoding and finally closing or shutting down PC or application when finished encoding is complete.

Record any activity that happens on your computer screen and take screenshots, download videos from popular video-sharing websites and save them in various formats, crop video footage and add aesthetic effects for added interest, download videos directly into a variety of file formats and more!

Any Video Converter also comes equipped with a basic editor that allows you to trim videos or clip out certain sections, adjust start and end time of video files, adjust aspect ratio as well as use video upscaling features to increase resolution without losing quality.


Best video downloader software is an invaluable resource for anyone who spends any amount of time online. It enables you to save videos and audio from numerous websites in multiple formats that will work across devices – perfect for recording live streams such as those found on YouTube, Vimeo and Metacafe!

Although most of the best video downloaders provide an impressive range of features, not all are created equal. Some offer intuitive user interfaces that make finding what you need easy; others may provide more advanced tools like an integrated video converter and media management component; some may support multiple resolutions and formats like 4K/8K as well.

YTD is one of the best-known video downloader programs for Windows that provides users with a comprehensive set of features and options. With an easy user-friendly interface and wide compatibility across sites and its built-in converter, it ensures your content will play on any device – plus multiple languages support! YTD can even act as screen recorder to capture desktop content! Although free to download, it will include a watermark on downloaded videos.