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From creating and managing tasks to scheduling work, school or personal meetings, the versatile and simple-to-use Google Calendar saves time with its helpful features and seamless integration. Creating custom emails, sharing and adding events or synchronizing your schedule with others is just a handful of features Google Calendar offers to increase your productivity and make the most of your day.

Although the calendar’s design is simple, it doesn’t take away its robust features.  As part of Google Workspace, you can seamlessly integrate your calendar with other apps in Workspace (like Google Meet, Gmail, Chat and Slides). And, any changes you make in the calendar on any device will automatically update on any other device since it operates from the cloud.

If you like to keep your calendar organized and tidy, Google Calendar is an ideal choice with its simple but professional design. From displaying a list of events to viewing one day, multiple days, one week or multiple weeks at once, Google Calendar stops you from crowding your calendar with random information, appointments and meetings.

Other simple but robust features include quickly switching your calendar from daily, weekly and monthly views, adding events and reservations from your Gmail account to your calendar automatically and keeping your calendar in one place (the cloud). You can also schedule meetings based on another person’s availability and see if there is enough space available in shared resources like a meeting room. You also get a handy pop-up reminder 10 minutes before the start of any event.

If you find yourself struggling to set up and use Google Calendar, the app provides a wide range of support resources to get you started. If you’re a paid subscriber, you’ll receive priority support. However, everyone has access to the question mark icon at the top of the page to answer questions about the feature you’re trying to access.

Additionally, you can search for help by using a set of keywords, and you have access to the Help Center to view questions and answers to topics similar to your needs. Although free users have access to Google Support forums, you will need a paid subscription to Google Workspace to contact Google Support directly.

Protecting your calendar will depend on how well you protect your Google account. The best protection for free users is to enable two-factor authentication. For advanced protection, you’ll need a paid Workspace account where you’ll enjoy advanced features like group-level security, context-aware access, data-loss protection and S/MIME encryption.

If you’re looking for a simple yet robust calendar for yourself or your business, Google Calendar is a smart choice. If you’re already a user of multiple Google apps, integrating the workflow from those apps into this digital calendar is simple.

The Google Calendar download also provides an array of free add-ons, giving you more flexibility to organize and share important information. Finally, the entire calendar and all the other apps available with Google Workspace are free to use, which is a significant “perk” if you’re running a business on a tight budget and need office software.

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