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Google Meet is a video chatting app from Google that enables users to virtually connect with people when they cannot meet in-person. It is freely available to everyone who has a Google account.

Software description

Google Meet refers a video conferencing service from Google. It is a powerful solution that is suitable for not only individuals but also businesses to hold meetings on audio and video calls. Its origin is from Google Hangouts, however it brags about some unique features. Initially, it was only available for enterprise customers. Today, everyone can now use Google Meet for free. Additionally, Google Meet available on the web, as well as smartphones, and tablets for both Android, and iOS.

Furthermore, Google Meet is mainly created as a means of hosting video events. Depending on your preference you can choose to have the camera and microphone independently, so that you can use it for audio call only. You can generate ad hoc calls and ask friends and family to join. They can do this by entering your meeting code or by sending them a link that they can click on. You do not have to install it, you just need a modern browser.

Google is famous for its multiple chat services that seem to do almost the same task. What they normally do is change the name of the services or retires them, a move that brings chaos, or rather confusion. For instance, Google hangouts, a video and messaging platform; it is split into hangouts meet, as well as hangouts chat. These were later on changed to Google Meet, and Chat respectively. There is also Google Duo which offers the same services as Google Meet, although there are minor differences.

One of the differences among these three Google platforms is that each one of them serves different purposes; for instance, if users want to have a one on one chat with someone, in either video or through text, they have to use Google Hangouts or Google Chat. On the other hand, Google Meet is useful and effective in situations where a user wants to host a video or audio meeting for Many people.

Google Meet has massive features that makes it a better choice for many people. For example, on the free version, it supports meetings of up to one hour. Although, it got an upgrade and it can stretch up to 24 hours, this was until late 2020. Moreover, it has no limit when it comes to the number of meetings you create or join. Therefore, you can still host a second meeting when you reach the 1 hour limit. It accommodates a maximum of 100 participants in the same meeting. As meeting chairperson, you can mute other attendees if need arises.

Google Meet has the ability to filter out any background nose that is not speech. Besides, it has live caption feature where you can automatically caption what people say; this feature is very reliable and robust for accessibility. Users can share their screens to everyone on the call, it can either be a certain window or the whole desktop. This also works on a smartphone. This service also argues that it encrypts video conferences in transit, and that it updates their array of safety measures for further security. For the business users, they get enterprise grade security, while the average users their privacy controls are exceptional.

Starting a Google Meet call on a desktop is easier, you just have to go to the Google Meet website. Find and click start new meeting. Before you proceed, you have to sign in to your Google account. You will be able to see a waiting area. You will then decide if you want to grant access to both your microphone and camera, click on allow for then use the preview area to prepare yourself then click join now to start.

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