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iCloud for Windows is an app released by Apple Inc. in partnership with Microsoft that allows iCloud users access files from a Windows pc.

Software description

iCloud for Windows is an app released by Apple Inc. in partnership with Microsoft that allows iCloud users access files from a Windows pc. The software was mainly built for the Apple devices but later the company released a software version compatible with Windows Operating system. It is very similar to OneDrive software by Microsoft. It has a similar technology as the one that powers OneDrive’s features; file on demand, that allows you to have access to files without necessarily having to download them.

The main features

The iCloud for windows allows you to Access your iCloud Drive files anytime from a web browser such as File Explorer, without ever using up space on your Windows PC. Also, you get to choose on your own the file important files you want to keep from your PC. It is a 2way traffic as the software allows you to share data either from the iOS or from windows. Any editing you do on any file or document is synced across all your devices and so you don’t have to make the change from all devices.

iCloud was introduced by Apple and availed to Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, Mac as well as the icloud.com. The software allows you to share iCloud drive files across all your Apple devices. It’s able to archive this by syncing your devices so that you can access personal data across any device. Icloud gives users a free 5GB cloud space to store data. In case that’s not enough one can purchase the monthly packaged space of 50GB 200GB and 1TB cloud storage.

These services were only available to Apple devices user until they decided to extend the functionalities to Windows PC users. With the iCloud for window, these features are also available apart from very few understandable ones. You can sync contacts, share files such as photos, videos, personal calendars, safari bookmarks, music and many more. Just like OneDrive’s Files On-Demand feature, one can become more productive offline on their smartphones and share files and documents on iOS.


The iCloud has been in existence for some time even though it has several bugs. Before the latest release, the previous version has some issues. Whenever you upgraded your windows, the software had issues with updating the shared photo albums.

The new version released in June seems to have solved the issues. It comes already built-in in Windows 10 by default. It has the option of making the iCloud for windows available on a device, which means when you open a file it downloads and becomes available automatically. With this software, your personal files will never get lost even if your devices ever get lost. Icloud lets you create an account secured with a password to back-up your documents.

Whenever you want to access your files all you do in log in to your iCloud drive account, restore whatever you need and you are good to go. The app is a very nice initiative for those using iOS devices and Windows PC to access their files. Since it’s very similar to OneDrive windows users cannot have difficulties using it even for the first time.

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