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Microsoft Exchange is an ensemble of applications that was introduced with Windows 95 and also known as Windows Messaging. Its basic aim is to connect and coordinate communication between a large number of contacts.

Software description

Microsoft Exchange is a part of the Microsoft 365 pack for Business, which includes the app Exchange and Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint.

Microsoft 365 for Business is particularly made for medium to large businesses or academic institutions. And it allows the entire system to be synced and coordinated by using a number of Microsoft applications in only one network.

Microsoft Exchange, as part of Microsoft 365, covers every function related to the email delivery and calendar coordination part. It is used via Microsoft Outlook and a great advantage of this feature is that it helps to filter spam emails and it simplifies the communication in case of a large business/academic institution.

In the Microsoft Exchange system, a Microsoft Exchange Server is installed on a server managing computer which will function as a coordinator and supervisor of receiving information, both from inside and outside the institution network. The other end would be a Microsoft Exchange Client installed on the client’s computer. The client would be sending email/documentation by using Microsoft Outlook into the Microsoft Exchange Clients to the Microsoft Exchange Server before the object is delivered to the destination contact. This method permits Microsoft Exchange to filter spam email from outside the network and to coordinate group/class email between specific selections of contacts,

The email managing tool, however, is only one of the features that are included by purchasing Microsoft Exchange.

Other features are:

Global Address Book of Contacts

This feature is only available through the Microsoft Exchange Server, and it is a list of every contact of every employee/student within the business/academic institution network. It is a very useful option for employees, of a big company, that work in different departments, especially when it comes of communicate a certain process or emerging product issue.

Managing Calendars

The user can control the level of calendar information shared with other users in the same Exchange network. Not only it is possible to coordinate bookings and shared calendars, but it is possible to control which contacts can see which information about a specific appointment, (i.e. None can see the location, or edit the appointment)

Meeting schedule

Through this function, it is possible to visualize the calendar of every member of the same organization/network. In a typical scenario of a large company, with more than 500 employees, it would be easier for whoever has the task of organizing a certain meeting, to find the perfect place in the month to arrange the meeting without any trouble of commitment from the employees.

Task Management

This feature is also seen in other Microsoft applications, and it is the classic feature that allows the user to generate a list containing the task to complete and the date and time in which that task has to be executed.

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