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Microsoft Yammer is a platform that fosters free communication and interaction among members and staff of a company or organization. Members interact freely enhancing transparency. Managers share updates, procedures, and any information through the platform.

Software description

Microsoft Yammer is a communication platform that enhances swift passing of information in a company or organization. It’s interface resembles that of Facebook. It really breaks hierarchy, and encourages free interaction between bosses and their subordinates, and workers. This results to building a firm community that work together towards achieving certain goal or purpose. Microsoft Yammer is secure and remain private. Only workers and members of an organization gain access to it.

To begin with, colleagues in an organization can text freely and interact with each other. Information and updates are through work groups. Managers can outline roosters, make announcements or make observations through this platform. It saves a lot of time, space, and resources. Colleagues can form project groups too. These groups will help them coordinate their project to achieve a specific outcome.

Every member will contribute towards obtaining objectives set. The managers can also share instructions, and procedures directly to employees. They save time using this method. Innovation enhancement grows because all employees bring their minds together. Greater achievements are met when collaboration enhancement is among members.

Additionally, the integration and collaboration with Microsoft 365 provides a great working space. This collaboration facilitates seamless sharing of documents, files, videos and many more. The documents or files you share reaches many people within the organization. The software is secure as it offers tight securing that hackers cannot hack it. The security of Microsoft Yammer is tight.

Also, Microsoft Yammer is close-sourced, meaning that you can only gain access through invites. Furthermore, this software allows employees to ask questions without necessarily targeting anyone in the group. Several people may reply to him or her. Through diverse responses, other employees get to learn what they never knew.

Microsoft Yammer enhances argumentative spirit among members. This will boost interaction among the community that is building. Transparency is also a key virtue that software champions for among employees and managers.

Additionally, Microsoft Yammer works best in a company that has branches in different geographical locations. Managers will have to share and set instructions remotely. Microsoft Yammer is free available for download, and it runs in both Android, and Windows devices.

You can access Microsoft Yammer in different locations depending on the type of the device. For instance, on PC you can find it through chrome browser, and on Play Store for an Android device. Also, the software has an intuitive user friendly interface same as a Facebook interface. Therefore, individuals with any skills can use it without any difficulty.

In addition, you can also express yourself in the community groups. It allows you to share your storyline in your timeline on the group. Create rich posts with links and tags. You can share videos and audios with community members. It also gives you opportunity to watch live events taking place in the company.

They mainly revolve around leadership and managerial body. In case you have ambition to be a leader, you can keep your mind leadership oriented by tuning to such events. You participate fully in those events for identification and appreciation.

Moreover, Microsoft Yammer keeps on advancing its functionality and capabilities. It has frequent updates to suite the demands in organizations or companies. Microsoft Yammer offers a virtual space this for interaction. It is safe, and allows people to express themselves.

Managers and subordinates can celebrate their collective achievements through this platform. The platform saves on cost, and resources. It also helps organizations save on expenditure.

Collaboration among team members fosters a sense of belonging, and keeps the communication intact. Microsoft Yammer makes everyone feel at home, and important. The platform also offers a virtue of transparency among the members. Besides, employee contact aids in enhancing innovation and team spirit.

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