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Microsoft 365 is an application from Microsoft Corporation. It is a comprehensive one comprising of cloud storage, Microsoft apps and desktop apps. It provides all the necessary tools for document typing and design.

Software description

Microsoft Office 365 is a comprehensive package providing Microsoft users with all Microsoft Web application and its apps. It is a premium package that requires either monthly or annual subscription. Office 365 is so comprehensive that it is enough to use it in an organization ,office or by a student. It provides an amazing workspace and its outcomes are reliable.

To begin with, Microsoft Office 365 allows users to access their premium Microsoft 365 account on up to five different devices. This reliability makes it a perfect choice for colleagues in an organization or a company. It also works well in families. This software provides a cloud storage of up to 6 terabytes.

Microsoft 365 has teams for organizational purposes. Teams allow companies to hold virtual meetings. With Microsoft Office 365, incorporation of documents and board presentations is possible. Teams helps in saving time and resources. While meeting online, members can join the virtual links at their own comfort and still get maximum out of it.

In addition, family safety is another key Microsoft app on Office 365. It offers parental restriction and monitoring their children’s use of phones and computers. Parents can set restrictions and filters to serve out inappropriate content and recommend the best ones. They can also set screen time limit.

Office 365 ensures kids use their phones or computers for a specific time as set by the parent. App and Web restriction are set by the parent. These restrictions filter any inappropriate content. When the kid tries to install apps not available for them due to restrictions, it will ask the kid to request permission from the parent. It still monitors driving habits of kids. Location sharing remain a crucial aspect. Parents are able to locate their kids on maps and track their movements.

Furthermore, Office 365 provides the basic typing and documentation applications. It has Word, spreadsheet and Excel. These packages, play a big role while writing and designing documents. All are in one software, therefore there is no need to run different applications on different software.

This is time saving and enhances accuracy. Microsoft Office 365 has security authentication features as it ensures you are the only one accessing your account. You’ll have to set a pass code to gain access to the account. You can log in to this account to a maximum of five different devices.

Moreover, Microsoft Office 365 has organizational packages. Every member receives up to 1 terabyte on one drive to save their documents and other stuff. It ensures efficiency in document sharing among organizational members. However, managers have to confirm the document sharing to ensure you do not share sensitive, and confidential documents. Organizations use this software to save their data on cloud or one drive.

Microsoft Office 365 provides large storage applications since it offers up to 6 TB cloud storage. OneDrive is one of the storage applications. All this storage applications are accessible on other devices.

In addition, Microsoft Office 365 runs on all operating systems. It works in Android, Mac OS and Windows. This means it works in mobile phones and computers. This diversity makes it accessible by a wide population. It has an intuitive interface with appealing icons, and displays insightful directions. Anybody of any skill level can navigate with ease. Office 365 undergoes frequent system updates that ensures it aligns with current user demands.

Microsoft Office 365 freely available, and any individual can download it from the Microsoft’s official website. It is accessible on mobile phones on Play and App Stores. It has a support team ready to guide and help in case they encounter challenges while using the software. Moreover, Its security features are difficult to breech.

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