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Opera is a user-friendly web browser that improves the online experience for users. It possesses an intuitive interface, which is why it’s the top choice of beginners as well as experienced users. Developed by Opera Software AS, this web browser works with almost all versions of the Windows operating system. It comes equipped with a myriad of functions. It offers built-in support for various messenger applications and protects your personal data from unauthorized users. It also contains a free VPN service and battery saving option. The software also offers support for private browsing so that you don’t leave behind any traces of internet browsing.

Software description

Whether you want to get information on a specific topic or want to buy anything, you may feel the need to browse the internet. However, when you’re connected to the internet, your system is exposed to countless threats. This is when Opera 58 comes for your rescue.

It’s a safe web browser through which you can visit any website of your interest. It is a user-friendly tool that offers a plethora of benefits.

Ad-Free Experience

No one wants to get disturbed with irritating ads while browsing the internet. Not only are these advertisements annoying, but they may also contain malicious content that can tamper with your system’s performance.

This application comes with a built-in adblocker that automatically blocks ads during browsing and gives you an ad-free experience.

Communication Apps

Do you use communication apps to stay connected with your friends and family? Then with the help of the Opera web browser, you can access these apps without hassles.

It comes equipped with multiple messenger software such as Telegram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. You can log in with your registered account credentials and use them conveniently.


When you’re surfing the internet, you may come across some webpages that contain valuable information. Through its bookmark tool, you can pin them to the bookmarks bar so you can easily locate and visit the website as and when needed. You can also set certain webpages on the speed dial for easy access.

Anonymous Browsing

Whenever you visit any webpage, the information is stored in your system and any authorized user can view your browsing history. However, it negatively affects your privacy.

Opera web browser enables you to turn on the private browsing mode. The software automatically gets rid of the browsing information, cache items and cookies for enhanced privacy. Moreover, it also supports a VPN connection to make sure your private information isn’t shared with suspicious webpages.

Latest News

Be it due to your personal interest or your professional needs, you may want to stay up-to-date with the latest news. This web browser contains a Personal News section that helps you out. It is particularly helpful for journalists and bloggers.

To be precise, Opera is a useful free web browser for Windows users. It contains a myriad of features including adblocker, VPN service, battery saver mode, automatic synchronization option, and developer tools. It helps you safely browse the internet and keeps intruders at bay.

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