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PCSX2 is freeware as well as open-source PlayStation 2 emulator. The main purpose of this software is to emulate the PlayStation’s 2 hardware. This enables the users to use PS2 games on their Personal Computers.

Software description

PCSX2 refers to a full-throttle desktop emulator for Sony PlayStation 2. It helps users in putting any PlayStation 2 game on their PCs. Also it offers additional appeal of getting to personalize their graphics configurations depending on their preferences. It does better than original visuals.

To set up PCSX2, users simply need to install a suitable BIOS file for any regional PlayStation 2. Besides, this software is very easy to use. After successfully completing few quick steps, users can get to play any, and all original PlayStation 2 games from their DVD drives. However, users can also decide to load images directly from their hard drives which enhances things along slightly. Additionally, users can easily set up game controllers, video and audio settings, as well as easily decide to save their games on an external SIM card.

PCSX2 has approximately 1500 games available, all of the runs seamlessly. Nevertheless, there are some games that have few issues, the PCSX2 is still a very successful PlayStation 2 rendition for Personal Computers. The most important thing is that a user can achieve a gaming experience that is visually attractive than its initial. Great thanks to the modifications users can make on graphics to portray them to their own liking. Users can achieve this if their computers can handle it.

Among the visual choices that users can toggle they will find there is a wide range of possibilities. This includes reset resolution, shaders, rendering systems, texture filters, and so on. In comparison to its competitors PCSX2 is by far the best PlayStation 2 emulator today. This functions as a welcoming title for a staunch PS2 fan looking for a way to migrate their retro games onto the current PCs. With PCSX2 the users get to enjoy features such as virtual, and sharable memory cards, custom resolutions, and upscaling etc.

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