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Photopea refers to an online photo editing tool that enables to edit images efficiently. Users can easily edit, and add special touch-ups to dull pictures. This all-in-one editing platform permits individuals to access dashboard with neat set of tools.

Software description

Photopea is a freemium photo editor from developer MeDroid. This latest editing software works with a wide range of image formats. It is a powerful replacement for other graphic, and design software like Adobe Photoshop Touch. This is suitable for professional users. Another alternative is the PicsArt Photo Editor for non-professional users.

It is also a feature-rich mobile application that offers users with modern tools. These tools help in manipulating all kinds of images, and create new ones from scratch. Photopea is perfect for graphic designers who need to work on projects on the go. With this application, users can easily import files. It supports file importation from your local storage, PeaDrive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

While on the home screen, users have several options to choose from. For instance, they can create new project, open a project from their devices, or start with a PSD template. There multiple PSD templates that they can either clone, or edit. These templates are available in different topics such as social media, and prints.

Photopea has approximately 60 editing tools. These tools rank from basic tools such as crop, and brush to modern tools such as layers, and content-aware move. Additionally, this application supports many common image formats. For example, SVG, TIFF, ICO, WebP, DXF, BMP, PSB, PSD, PDF, SCT, PNG, RAW, GIF, JPEG, and many more.

In the same connection, the software has spot healing, a clone stamp healing brush, and a patch editing tool. Also, it supports layers, layer masks, channels, selections, paths, smart objects, layer styles, text layers, vector shapes, and filters.

Photopea has numerous benefits to the users. One of the most common advantages of Photopea is that it is free. As a matter of fact, paying the small premium membership is very affordable. That is, it costs $3.33 per month; you can pay this for as long as you want to use it. Besides, subscription is not a must. The premium membership benefits individuals by removing adverts, and increasing the number of times you can use the undo feature.

Furthermore, the software is easy to access. Users can access Photopea in many ways including directly from a mobile device, tablet. They can also download it onto their computers. All these are free options. Users can also use this software without internet access.

They only must open Photopea when they have internet access. Moreover, the software opens multiple file types. This is a feature worth bragging about. This is because you can open, and edit more file types than in almost any other design software.

Photopea also boasts an intuitive interface that is easy to use. It is very similar to Photoshop’s dashboard. It does not feel like it is doing too much to be different. Therefore, for users migrating from a non-Photoshop background, they will see it as less complex than Adobe’s systems. Photopea has unique features as it offers more layout formatting that Photoshop does not offer. For example, you can install an Excel spreadsheet into the software to convert it into an infographic.

Apart from the advantages Photopea offers to photo editors, it also has some drawbacks. That is, it contains a lot of adverts. They are annoying since they are on the page every time even if you install the app. Another challenge is that it does not install in all browsers. For instance, you can access the web browser version from Safari. However, you cannot download it from this browser. The good thing is there are various browsers that support download, and installation; hence it is not hard to find.

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