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TSR Watermark Image is a program designed to add water-marks to photos. This particular software is able to offer superior online protection and FTP security of all your images.

Software description

Easy to learn and use, and even easier to install, from the expert down to the novice, any computer user is able to comprehend this program with astounding results. Three available versions of TSR Watermark Image are offered, at reasonable prices, so users are able to choose the exact one that is right for them. Those needing a watermark program, strictly for personal use, are able to enjoy a free version of TSR Watermark Image.

Special Features
TSR Watermark Image allows users to add image, 3D text or text watermarks to photos in a flash. Borders, crosses and special effects, as well as the capability of automatic EXIF rotation, are just a few features offered by TSR Watermark Image. Angle your text, add effects and utilize any of the 225 Special Watermark Fonts included in the software, to individualize your photo’s water-mark. Easily resize and convert your pictures to GIF, PNG, JPEG AND TIFF formats. Watermarks can be blatant and unmistakable or very discreet, depending solely on the designer preference.

The batch-watermarking feature allows the user to batch hundreds of photos at one time while accomplishing other tasks. This allows the user to conduct multiple activities, which are accomplished at the same time, for optimum productivity. The programs “One Click Share” function allows the user to go from previewing the picture to upload folders to FTP and WordPress in seconds. Several image metadata copying formats are supported by this software including EXIF, XMP, and IPTC, to name a few. Photographers around the world rejoice for the several exclusive features of TSR Watermark Image.

User Interface
The user interface of TSR Watermark Image is simple and precise so that the user can maneuver the page and utilize the features and tools available to the full extent. Tools across the top of the screen are File, Help and Select Language. Below that is where the magic happens. The first step is to add an image or source which can be accomplished with either a personal file or from the directory. Then, customize the watermark by location, size, positioning and several other exciting choices of which to select.

Final Say
TSR Watermark Image stands behind the quality of the program by providing users a 90 day money back guarantee. Offering an extensive number of features those complements each image perfectly ensure that the program will not disappoint the user. Multiple options for support are offered, such as submitting an online comment, emailing or installing the RSR LAN Messenger which allows the user to connect directly to the developer, Anders, by way of the TSR Support Server. Online support, unlike that of any other program, is sure to confirm that any questions or issues will be resolved, with positive results. This software feature is the icing on the cake for anyone looking for an exceptional water-marking program.

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