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Aside from transportation, WeChat also allows you to make movie tickets, restaurant and hotel reservations in just a few taps. It helps you avoid the hassle of queuing up for tickets, because you can access and reserve your ticket in this all-in-one application.

Software description

The multipurpose messaging and social media application, WeChat has been one of the most advanced and powerful application ever made. Within the span of 8 years, WeChat managed to reach over a billion of daily users. This application is especially popular in China, as it is an essential tool for their day-to-day life and in doing business as well. WeChat may not be that popular in the Western countries, but if you’re residing in China, you simply can’t just last a day without using it.

WeChat is often referred to as the “super app” or the “application for everything” and those names perfectly reflects the capability of this multi-use application. Besides it primary function—messaging and social media—WeChat is used for a myriad of other purposes, more than you can ever think of or imagine.

Messaging & Call Application

This multi-use application allows the exchange of messages between users, and allows you to call anyone and anywhere for free. Its messaging functions include text, broadcast messages, video recording, video calls, and conference calls. You can also share your location through its WeChat localization services.

Search Engine

WeChat lets you explore, search and read any articles anytime through their search engine feature.

Scan QR Code

You can scan QR codes while using the application to add a new friend, or to get a quick access to a wide variety of services and information. QR Codes are widely used in China and you can find them everywhere. More and more companies and incorporating QR Codes to quickly direct people to the products that they offer.

WeChat Pay & Other Payment Transactions

One of WeChat’s most advanced and powerful feature is their WeChat Pay that provides a quick pay system for you just by simply scanning a QR Code.

Another similar, but notable feature they have is their E-Wallet feature that connects you with your credit card or to your bank account. Once you set your E-wallet up, you can now use this feature as an alternative to physical money in making payment transactions.

WeChat also allows you to transfer money to your selected user through their Hongbao feature. Hongbao means red envelope, and in the Chinese tradition, they usually give red envelopes that contains money during special occasions. This feature is inspired by that widely valued tradition.

They also provide a loan feature—wherein you can borrow up to RMB 300,000 without any collateral.

Booking Services

This “super application” also lets you have a direct access to public services like traffic status, weather forecast, making hospital registration, paying utility fees, making reservations, and so much more.

The application is packed with ticket booking services that helps you to find the best ticket for your convenience. This feature shows you different travel combinations that you can choose and book for your trip.

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