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WinRAR is a powerful manager for archiving files. It comes in the 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The user can choose what best suits them depending on what they prefer in these versions.

Software description

The developer of WinRAR is Eugene Roshal. It is an application for compressing and decompressing files in a computer. Using this tool makes it easy to optimize file organization, store, and transfer data. Also, the context menu of Windows integrates with this program well. This allows the user to create either a RAR file or ZIP file with any item in the computer in seconds. This makes it an efficient tool to work with. Its powerful compression capacity allows the user to reduce the file size without affecting its quality. It supports all known compression formats. This is beneficial since it saves the space for the hard drive and speeds up the transfer of files.

This archive manager is faster since it creates smaller archives. WinRAR also supports many file formats such as ZIP, RAR, and 7Z files. This makes it a versatile tool to suit day to day life of many people. The password protection feature for this tool adds an additional layer of security. It has a 128-bit encryption, digital signatures, or modification blocking as option for encrypting documents. This gives the user a peace of mind of the safety of the documents. Since this program is a shareware, the user has an opportunity of testing it first. It is free for the first 40 days, after which you will need to buy a license.

WinRAR is safe to use and the many security errors in the past are now good. It is available in many languages and supports the Windows operating system. It consumes little space in computers making it a suitable tool for computers that are old and less powerful. Some limitations of this tool is in inclusion of the single core for processing. This affects performance of the program in multi-core CPUs.

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