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An online multiplayer social deduction game.

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Among Us is a 2018 multiplayer online game developed and published by American game studio Innersloth LLC and PlayEveryWhere. The idea for Among Us was inspired by the party game Mafia as well as the science fiction horror film The Thing. It is available on the App Store, Google Play, and Steam. Among Us consists of about four to 10 players. Players are dropped off on an alien spaceship.

Members are privately assigned to a role. Either a crew member or an impostor. The crew member’s role is to run around the ship performing a specific set of tasks. In addition, crew members try to track down impostors. Your goal is not to get killed by one of the impostors. The key is to figure out who the impostors are. Each game is about survival, as players can be voted off the ship. To win, crew members must either successfully vote the impostors off the ship or complete all required tasks. Among Us is a simple and easy to play online game. Among Us can be cross played on Apple, Android or Windows.

Among Us has recently received a major new update. New features available to players include a new store, progression system, and new character roles. Four new crew members have been added through The Role & Cosmicube update. The new character roles include the impostor role of the shapeshifter, the guardian angel, the scientist, and the engineer. The new roles come with special abilities.

Guardian Angels can place a shield around crew members, Engineers can use vents, and Scientists can access vitals and perform battery recharging tasks at any time. Shapeshifters have the power to make impostors appear as other crew members, making it easy to fool real crew members and remove them from the ship or kill them. Innersloth has added several new features to Among Us, including free and paid customization options, more pets, hats and skins, visor cosmetics, and name tags.

The updates also include the Cosmicube. These are special cosmetic cubes with themed items that can be unlocked through a branching path. The themed items are special and much more detailed. The game features a new premium currency in the form of newly added stars. As crew members level up, they can earn beans and pods. Pods are used to unlock the Cosmic Cubes. Adding XP, levels, and currency will also require a single game account, allowing players to save their progress and use cosmetics on multiple platforms. And stars earned on Switch using pods and beans can be shared across multiple systems.

At its core, Among Us is about teamwork. Objectives are about working together and determining who you can and can not trust on your team or in your player group as well as using tactic and skill to manoeuvre trhough the game. The game is great for developing logical and social skills in younger children. Ultimately, this game is about survival. Among Us download PC is free on the Epic Games Store.

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