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Discover why the Google Play Store is a viable alternative to other digital content services like Spotify, Apple and Amazon

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From downloading apps to buying or renting movies, TV shows, books and music, the Google Play store lets you watch, listen or read digital content on your Android device, Chrome browser, Windows PC, Mac or Chromecast-connected TV.

Serving as a digital storefront and entertainment hub, the Google Play Store download is an additional piece of software that serves as an extra part of the Android experience. Since its standalone software, Google Play isn’t part of the original package on an Android device. Users will need to download and install the software on their devices.

With Apple Music and Spotify dominating the music service space, some people want a competitive alternative to streaming their music. With Google Play, users are given a viable option with many of the same features as the top streaming services.

You can personalize all of your playlists including individual song tracks, podcasts, radio stations – and you can listen to much of your digital content for free.

And with Google Play Pass, you can listen to all your content- completely ad-free – for one low monthly price. You can try it free for 30 days to see if it checks all your alternative streaming service boxes.

In the competitive video content market, Google Play goes head-to-head with the likes of Amazon and Apple. This all-in-one entertainment portal conveniently lets you buy or rent movies and TV shows, and you can also watch the content on a Chrome-cast connected TV, computer or Android device. SD and HD formats are also available.

Google Play also has a convenient family library, which lets you share books, games, movies, TV shows and all of your other digital content with up to five people.

Although most people shop the Google Play Store using their Android device, you can easily shop the store using your computer’s browser. All the apps and media available to buy using an Android are also available using a browser.

Easily find and install new apps, manage your account, view your order history and more. However, you’ll need to use the app on your Android device to review and install updates.

Google Play also provides you with powerful protection from harmful apps. Google Play Protect keeps your device safe by running safety checks before you download an app.

The software also checks your devices for harmful apps known as malware – which typically come from third parties and other sources. Google Play Protect also gives you a warning about any harmful apps it finds and quickly removes the apps from all of your devices using Google Play.

The Google Play Store offers a global payments system in over 150 worldwide markets. The system delivers fast, safe and secure payments no matter where you’re located. Developers also have access to this payment system with support in over 135 markets.

Explore Google Play today and discover how you can quickly and easily you can enjoy your favorite apps, TV shows, movies, books, music and more. Learn why the Google Play store delivers a competitive, up-to-date alternative to the top streaming and digital content services available today.

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