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Microsoft Media Player is refers to an application from Microsoft. This software allows users to be able to play audio and video on personal computers. It makes watching content more enjoyable.

Software description

Windows Media Player is a software built for playing video and audio files on a computer. It is a creation of Microsoft for Windows 11 and Windows 10 backs it. It is beyond groove music (previously known as “box) music, Microsoft Movie, and TV. The reveal of this software was accidental during a Windows insider webcast in September 2021. The initial distribution was to Windows 11 insider channels before rollout to all Windows 11 users and subsequently Windows 10 users.

Windows Media Player has a variety of features that make it unbeatable. The new Windows Media Player can play device videos, a plus over its predecessor, Groove Music which was a music streaming service. It could only stream all forms of audio content available online such as podcasts.

Another improvement is the album cover view being in full screen and the refresh option to the mini player option. On the view screen, it has the seek bar which allows you to see the total and current playback time. This tool also has playback controls like the play, pause, forward, and rewind buttons for easy navigation during viewing.

Windows Media Player also accommodates persons with disabilities with its top-notch accessibility options. Be it cognition, developmental, intellectual, mental, physical, or sensory disability, there is absolutely no cause for worry while using the software. For direct accessibility, it has hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts which are handy and easy to navigate.

The hotkeys trigger actions with preprograming as a standard functionality of the program as in this case. On the other side, it has also nailed indirect accessibility. It is compatible with various assistive technologies such as screen readers hence catering for those with disabilities.

Windows Media Player has several advantages which make it a suitable choice for a media player. It is very easy to learn and use since it is fairly straightforward. After its configuration, this tool makes it easy to rip music on compact discs. It literally takes only three mouse clicks.

Its installation procedure is pretty easy hence saving time and effort. In addition, it offers the best experience in copying compact disc content to the hard disk drive. The software can be useful in burning CDs or DVDs and syncing files to a portable device such as an mp3 player.

Windows Media Player allows you to make long playlists and synchronize with external devices. Furthermore, you can purchase or download online multimedia files contrary to its predecessor groove music. This software plays a wide range of compact disc content, audio files, DVDs, and video. Furthermore, it can also double up as streaming software.

Windows Media Player also gives access to media guides for you to easily browse a website for any content you may desire. This makes it easier to access movies, TV, and Internet radio. The program allows the organization of videos using different criteria for easy access such as by genre, rating, or by artists.

In as much as Windows Media Player has so many upsides and strong points, it also unavoidably has a few downsides. First, it cannot stream the video perfectly over slow DSL connections. It is selective when it comes to which portable devices it can sync to. It cannot sync to an iPod, or even Microsoft’s one zine.

In addition, Windows Media Player offers users with two format options, that is, MP3, and Windows Media Audio. The software downloads images of 200*200 pixels in comparison to other players which downloads 300*300 pixels images. It is therefore a bit challenging to read smaller details in large images. Additionally, it has a small album cover art, and no volume normalizing.

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