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Microsoft Movie Maker is a software for creating, and editing videos. It has features comprising of audio, visual effects, display effects and many more. These enhances video making. The software is als simple to work with due to intuitive interface.

Software description

Windows Movie Maker is a multimedia applications from Microsoft for Windows operating system. The applications helps in creating, and enhancing videos. It has several features that make it super handy for video makers. For instance, it has a simple interface, making the process easier for both professionals, and non professionals. Other features include importing, and organizing audio effects, titles, visual effects, and sharing options.

In the past years, Windows Movie Maker has had a number of updates that led to its improvements. Nowadays, it integrates with other tools to offer a latest level of editing. Although, it is still a fundamental video editing. Therefore, any user looking to create a more professional-looking movie, applications like Adobe Premiere Pro are better choices.

Windows Movie Maker stands out among free video editors due to its easy to use interface. It has three regions that you can use. There is the Top; a Ribbon where users can access different tools. The tools include transitions, effects, captions, audio, and more. In this section, users can add their clips , photos, and audio files to the timeline. Also, they can access the option of saving their work.

In addition, below the Ribbon, to the left side of the Window is the Preview tool. In this section, users can view the playback of their project. The user can see how the sequence will like as an output. They can use the rewind, fast-forward, and play buttons to move the part they like to view. Also, they can also toggle the preview screen to full screen.

Additionally, on the right side is the user’s storyboard or timeline window. This is where the video sequences are. Here, users can move through the clips, divide and arrange them depending on their preference. Also, users can choose the parts they want to add effects, filters, and other enhancements.

Windows Movie Maker is also a perfect fit for non-professionals. The application is free on Windows PCs, along with basic features. There are also workflow elements available in the video editing systems made for professionals. It also has an intuitive interface with simpler version of a video editor timeline. Newbie editors can understand.

Another important feature with Windows Movie Maker is the Stabilization. It is available for the latest version of Windows Movie Maker. This feature is available in the Edit menu. It enables users to edit out mild camera shakes, as well as wobbles that may occur during shooting. When using it, users have options of applying low, and high versions of anti-shake, wobble rectification. The high, and low levels helps in correcting severe, and minor shakes respectfully.

Windows Movie Maker offers users with various sharing options. Some of the options available are email, Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo. With this functionality, users ensure that they share the right size, and aspect ratio. However, Windows Movie Maker demands that you log into Microsoft account. This may prevent some individuals who do not have this account. In the future, everyone will be able to access this app due to termination of Microsoft’s support.

In spite of its many pro’s, Microsoft Movie Maker has a few downsides. Since Microsoft support is over, people may have trouble finding it for download. It is not directly available on Microsoft. Also, you may face a challenge when you need help with troubleshooting, and obtaining recent updates.

Windows Movie Maker can freeze, and crash; it suffers from often crashes. Hence, it is advisable to make sure to save your project frequently. Besides this, the app cannot create, or edit complex videos. You can only create or edit a single video or audio at ago.

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