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Yandere Simulato is a game that allows you to play as a yandere girl.

Software description

The Yandere Simulator is a game program for adult fans of Anime and adventure. The theme revolves around the idea of following someone the player has a crush on and eliminating other love interests and competition. The game mixes elements of high school life, the assassin genre, and stealth movements to create a multidimensional gaming experience. This particular game is not advertised as a child’s game because of its stalkerish nature and the elements of violence that may present themselves throughout gameplay.

More Game Details

As of now, most of the game takes place inside a school or at the protagonist’s house. Future developments may add additional environments. Yandere Simulator is currently in its beta or demo stages, and the developer is working diligently to create the most magnificent experience for future users.

Game Features

So far, Yandere Simulator has many interesting features new players can take advantage of. Some of the features available to players include:

Panty Shots

Panty shots are a “currency” that one can use to receive favors that advance the player in the game. The player must send certain people pictures of females’ panties to obtain the favors he or she desires.

Sanity Level

The sanity level is something each player needs to watch as he or she navigates through the game. The player loses some sanity every time that person commits a murder. The individual will become completely insane if the insanity level goes up too high, and then the love interest will find out and will never reciprocate the love.

Persistent Reputation

The player’s reputation changes according to what other people see that person doing in Yandere Simulator. The player will have a high reputation if no one sees that person performing any incriminating acts. They will trust the player and be willing to do favors in that situation. On the other hand, players who get caught doing questionable things will become suspect. The other characters will be very cautious around such people and will not be very willing to do them favors.

Sanity-Based Kill Animations

Kill animations are the way that murderous acts play out in the game, and the level of sanity changes the way they unfold. For example, a player with a high level of sanity will perform the elimination quietly and stealthily. The love interest will never find out if he or she keeps the sanity level down. On the other hand, someone with a low sanity level will be very sloppy and loud during the acts and might make many mistakes. Players with the lowest levels of sanity may become sadistic and downright wicked while performing their eliminations.

Yandere Vision

A single control on the keyboard will be dedicated to various game-related actions. Creepy laughter and Yandere Vision are examples of items that the button will activate. Yandere Vision is a special ability that highlights objects and characters and makes them visible through walls.

Game Downloads

The game can currently only work on PC systems. It is unavailable in tablet, Mac, or smartphone format. Future versions of it may be different, but it’s limited to PC use in its early stages. Users can still download it and try it for free. Interested parties can get a Yandere Simulator download by visiting the official site for it. There are several ways to get a version of the game to play and then decide whether to invest additional time in it later.

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